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We make robust and functional software to your specifications

Welcome To Net/Works Consulting LLC - the best software consulting firm in New York


Web applications

We design and build complete applicaitons on the web, or smaller utilites - to YOUR specifications.

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General programming & consulting

If it has to do with computers and business we've done it and can help you do it.

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Store data and get the reports you need. We know MYSQL, Microsoft's SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access

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IT and hardware

We also know hardware and infrastructure and can guide you to a total working system, software and computers.

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Our Values

Honesty. Efficiency. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.


Our Mission

To help you advance your business. To give good value for your investment in us.


Our Philosophy

To give you good, clear advice and high quality software. To steer you in the right direction to achieve your business goals.

Featured Project:

Some of our recent work - a cloud based dashboard with a MYSQL and MongoDB backend, running on Amazon and Rackspace cloud servers. Tools included PHP, Python, Node JS (for the API) and Javascript


A few of many other projects -


Deposit Referral Services

DRS 2015

Deposit Referal Services - Made with PHP and a MYSQL backend on a GoDaddy Linux machine with Dreamweaver,

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Close Pizza

Data and mapping 2017 News

Using PHP, Python and a MYSQL backend with Google Maps running on a Linux cloud server. Shop owners can register their store for free; our code geo-locates based on their address, and we create a map pin. Clicking on the pin shows the menu choices they entered.

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This web program serves PDF files after the user logs in.

2019 News

PDF files of client data are generated locally then uploaded automatically to the Linux cloud server. Here the user authenticates themselves and is presented with a list of all their PDF's. When one is chosen it's shown to the user in the web browser. Written in PHP and JQuery with a MYSQL backend.

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