About Us: Decades of software design.

We make cost effective, robust, and beautiful software.

We have decades of eperience in software design, coding and support. In addition we've built and supported hundreds of web and database servers and hundreds of local area networks. Better: we enjoy using these skills to help our customers -

Our Specialties

Web & PC programming

We write custom software; from warehouse and billing systems to mixture control systems for foam manufacturers, to bar code systems for FDA pharmaceutical trials. We can do this in a text or GUI environment. We use Python, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, C#, Visual Basic, Access, MYSQL Server. We write for local computers, LAN's (office networks) or the web.

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We are builders and problem solvers

We make stuff and fix things that are broken. We make web and email servers. Automated systems for backups or communication. Linux or Windows server setups. Local and wide area networks. Computer forensics. Hardware diagnositcs. Robotics. Data recovery. Routers and cabeling. We've done it all and can help you do it - faster, cheaper, better.

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Our Team



Founder; programmer(Python,PHP, Node,C#,VBA) Databases (MYSQL,Oracle,SQL Server,Mongo), IT, chief cook and bottle washer.



Programmer, web designer.



Programmer; Embedded C,C/C++ on Linux, Windows development, Mobile applications for Android platform


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