Dev Ops: development and operations.

The whole range of software development and operations

Software Design

We've written hundreds of large and small programs. We know how :>)

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System Administration

Linux and Windows server and network installations and tuning. Linux system admin. Shell scripting. Apache web server installs. Postfix Email systems installed

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Web Applications

Whole programs or custom processes and utilities on the web, made to your order and needs.

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Our programming languages:

Python, PHP, Node.js, SQL, C#, Assembler, Access VBA, Linux shell scripting, dBase, Clipper, Foxpro

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Servers installed and tuned (Linux or Windows), networking (cabled and wireless), backup solutions

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Database servers:

MYSQL. MongoDB. Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server. MS Access. Flat text files.

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Software design

.We can help you turn your idea into reality. For 32 years we've been listening, then building. We then show you the work, getting feedback, making changes when necessary and bringing it in on time. We favor the Agile design philosophy.


Web Apps

Which means, these days, programs large or small that run on the web. We make the whole range, from small utilities that might move your data from one machine to next (or alert you via email or text for any reason) to complete applications running on multiple cloud servers. In other words, the web is the modern computer. 20 years ago these functions were running on your desktop PC or a mainframe. You need them now on the web and we are here to help.



We don't just develop software, we keep it running and build the systems to support it. We've built and installed hundreds of networks and servers and desktop computers. We do cloud systems on AWS and Google and Rackspace. We do Terraform and AWS CLI and Docker, etc. We are system administrators: on Linux or Windows machines we impliment security, create and manage users, make sure the backup systems are running and fight intrusions.


Hardware and systems

Are we programmers who also do hardware and systems? Or engineers and systems people who like programming?


We’ve built, literally, hundreds of computers and office networks (LAN’s). Installed operating systems on hundreds of computers. Set up these machines to work as Linux or Windows database servers, or webservers, or email servers or proxies and routers. We’ve bought and configured scores of Amazon or Google or Rackspace cloud machines and been responsible for their maintenance and backups and integration with local physical devices.


Data and databases

We've been programming in SQL for decades, and have installed and administered scores of Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and MYSQL systems. Allow us to share our current preference for data on the web; MYSQL. It’s robust, and *free*. Unlike some programmers, we’ve invested time in the academic side of databases, and actually know what normalization is and how best achieve it (and when not to bother). We’ve also worked extensively with NoSQL systems as MongoDB, and can advise when to consider using it and when to run like hell –



Search Engine Optimization (Getting found)

We know how to get your business found on the web. We do this for organic (free) search returns by making well designed web sites or we can help you with paid Google ad campaigns.